The four stages of the SEO entrepreneur

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Here are parts 2 & 3 of a 4 part article written by Melbourne Internet Marketer member Bruce Scott Dwyer

Stage two – Traction

Ah, six months to a year have passed. You keep hearing the same basic techniques offered by everyone including the receptionists. All you apparently have to do is use a few keywords that you like, and “they will come”.

You start hanging around online forums, but soon realise there are as many red herrings in there. People try to sound like they are revealing secrets to gain kudos in the community and back-links, without actually saying anything new. You embark on a few reciprocal link campaigns and start writing a few articles, but where are the best place to post them?

You are not being rewarded for any of this besides the occasional ‘pat on the back’, but since no one really understand the difficulty or time involved, this probably frustrates you further. Everything is done manually. You have managed to get a few links to your site but are hampered by the young age of your site. Where is Neo when you need him?
In the very least you are finding that documentation and standard replicable procedures are becoming vital. You need to find a way to short cut time spent, and use time most efficiently on the most efficient techniques.

Stage three – Would be king

A year or so have passed, and you are way over that on-page optimisation buzz, but still you find there are more things to learn about on-page SEO than meets the eye.

Inter-page linking, the joy of anchor text and ALT text, the importance of site maps. Why use those breadcrumbs for navigation at the top and why do they repeat the menu structure in text form at the bottom of the page?

Wow, it is important to use individual meta-tags on every page that are different from the homepage and in fact maybe you should write articles around keywords rather than vice versa. How long should the title really be and is keyword density important anymore? The debate in the SEO community still rages about many of these points.

You are starting to understand simple HTML and maybe dabble in CSS. Different open source website applications also grab your attention as you discover the high price of getting a custom site built. But then you need to know how to use their backend, CM systems, turn on the right modules and do this all speedily. Time is money.

You have found a few simple automated tools online at SEO sites, but these give you limited help and you need to gain stats about a particular competitor by using several sites free tools – how time consuming!  You are now regularly submitting articles to article sites, but this is still a manual process – and time consuming. You struggle over writing glib valueless articles of 200 words that populate the internet and article sites instead of the actually useful and unique articles that you prefer to write. Should you outsource all of these as well as your link building campaign, and can you trust others?

Wow, it is harder to make money off this business than you thought. So much subterfuge in the industry as everyone likes to keep their secret arsenal of tools, secret. You start contracting yourself out for SEO on-page and off-page and adwords campaigns. You are beginning to carve out a living, but still need a day job.

Who needs sleep? But at least you are getting traction, getting traffic volumes on different sites in different industries. Google analytic's even says that visitors are staying for longer than ten seconds and some of the visitors are even from your own country! Now you just need to become a sales gen copy expert to bump those conversions on your landing pages.

Stay tuned for Stage Four: Yoda

Check out Bruce's Market Analysis and Search Engine Optimization site and for more, interesting articles please visit the site or LINK to it for future updates.


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