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Many Internet Marketers are missing out on some great Opportunities by failing to focus on the potential found in our own backyards with

Neighborhood Marketing

You might ask "Can I really make a significant amount of money with a site that targets the local population?"

The answer, simply put is a resounding YES! Now obviously the size and culture of your local area may present a host of variables.
You to can create an income and promote local businesses simply by using your Internet Marketing skills to cater for the people in your community, city or region. You can do it because…
Do you realise how smart YOU ARE?
Your Local Businesses really Need YOU… Yep that is right, they need your internet skills and services!
All those things you have learned by attending our Monthly meetings and workshops    
Do you have ANY idea how much smarter you are, at least online marketing wise, than any or most business owners in your town or suburb?
No?  Try talking about what we do as marketers to your local business Owners and watch their eyes glaze over and their greed glands start to weep, even as you’re explaining basic opt-in strategies for list building and/or how to set up simple autoresponders, they will think your a genius, I guarantee it!
However don’t bamboozle them with AdWord campaigns, just yet…
Only a handful of Internet Marketers have really caught on to this so far and are establishing a profitable business right in their own back yards from marketing to their Neighborhood businesses
I recently read on a blog by Ryan Deiss of one person who is selling the “brain dead” simple service of setting up local Businesses in Google local, Google’s simple local listing tool.
He does a really great job and adds a few photos and some interesting copy for each listing. Then introduces more services and strategies to them… It’s like a sticky membership subscription. Look after your clients and they will stick with you …
Hey, that’s a subject for a post on my new Customer Service blog Beyond the Checkout dot com
Their fee: $250 for about 20 minutes work so he can do 10-20 a week. Plus, he uses a commission telesales person, to set up appointments and communicates by email and phone so never actually sees the customer.
Here's some more stories…
Another sharp entrepreneur in Atlanta has set up and maintains local businesses on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts then updates them from time to time. Her fee: $175 a Month minimum and she has built up to over 100 clients in just a few months.
Phew! Just do the calculations!
Lastly, this one really killed me. One of the more clever guys I’ve seen offers a
“Who’s talking about you” service for local businesses that send alerts to the business any    time they are mentioned online in a search engine, social media etc…
He charges and gets $79 a month for his service and relies largely on the free Google
Alerts and Twitter Search service for most his information. He has 6 full time salespeople on staff and has had for a while.
Are your entrepreneurial neurons starting to awake?
The big point is, you ARE smart – Much Smarter than most of the Businesses Owners in your area and NOW is the time to share your skills and collect some great returns in the process.
They are sitting in their offices scratching their heads and waiting for your call or Knock on their door…
To your Success
Ian Howard
P.S. Got any ideas or comment please go ahead and tell me if you offer a local service, Go ahead, brag a little… Or if have a question or just want to be heard.
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