The four stages of the SEO entrepreneur

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During the last few meetings of the Melbourne Internet Marketers I have been asking for Guest Bloggers to write and donate short articles to promote this site, their own site or even their services.

Here is the first part of a 4 part article written by Melbourne Internet Marketer member Bruce Scott Dwyer

The four stages of the SEO entrepreneur – Part 1

For those people who are savvy with the industry, or practice the arcane art of SEO, you will be familiar with these stages. For people at stage one …  I hope it doesn’t scare or scar you too much!

Sometimes becoming an SEO expert is akin to undergoing the five stages of grief, over and over again. This is because the algorithms used to control what the search engines present and the tactics of your competitors change so fast, that it is next to impossible to always stay on the top. Particularly if you control or co-manage multiple sites. There is always a ‘fire to put out’ or ‘alligators to wrestle’.

I write this article not with grand knowledge beyond those who toil daily inside of mid to large SEO firms, but from personal experience, from scanning forums, and dealings with other SEO colleagues. This attempt to identify the stages of an SEO practitioner’s path in the least should spark dialogue amongst readers (experts and novices alike).

Stage one:  Newbie

You have heard of this neat thing called the internet and have learned enough to bluff most non- experts, and boy you are happy to share your knowledge. You have gotten access to your very first site and attempt standard on-page text optimisation techniques.

You may work for a boss who has decided to lump this SEO job onto the multitude of other things that they expect you to do. You have no formal guidance, no budget and no real access to experts or mentors. The road is long and hard. You don’t do much off page optimisation such as reciprocal or one way link building, because you don’t have time. You don’t write that many articles because your boss doesn’t give you time, and frankly you don’t see the big need for it.

If you are in a non-competitive industry, and there are a few left, then you may ‘miraculously’ end up on page one of Google (the holy grail) after a few months or so. Things are semi sweet, but you know there is much more behind the SEO curtain.

Stay tuned for Stage Two: Traction


This article is created by Bruce Scott Dwyer

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