The four stages of the SEO entrepreneur #4

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Here is the final part of a 4 part article written by Melbourne Internet Marketer member Bruce Scott Dwyer

Stage four – Yoda
Typically several years have passed. You are now doing this for a ‘healthy’ living, but now you have to also contend with dealing with coders, clients and managing staff costs and paying the rent. Alternatively you work out of a home office and need to balance family commitments with work. Dividing time between optimising sites, getting clients and doing the book-keeping. If you are a sole trader you may be using coders from Pakistan or India which while relatively cheap but this opens up a whole new host of communication and trust issues.

You have good contacts and many automated tools, you manage many sites for many people and you have a fleet of your own sites. Perhaps you are making a good living on the side by trading domain names.
You can even command a wage as a guest speaker, if you want to go that way. Your biggest issue now is how to beat other SEO companies to the relatively limited pool of mid to large size companies. The corporate world is said to have deep pockets and a need to be seen to succeed at any cost. When you used to deal with small business operators their biggest crime was ‘penny pinching’ and being uneducated in internet ways meaning you had to spend a fair amount of time in educating and ‘hand holding’ rather than ‘doing’.

Now you have to submit proposals to tender processes, go through a myriad of meeting milestones, just to get to talk to the decision maker. And damned if they don’t want visitor volumes and page one guarantees from you. These can be dangerous promises to make. But you know SEO perfectly (until tomorrow when the algorithm is changed or your competitor gets supercharged), but what the hey, you have a bunch of people you can trade knowledge with to keep on top of it.
Domain name and server costs can be a pain, just as much as the hacking of your sites. Now that you are famous, you may become a target. But the good money and fun seem to balance this out. Why despair, you have made it!
Now I have to admit, the author of this article is not at stage four just yet. No learjet, no yacht and still searching for the best fastest information sources and the best efficient ‘all in one’ automated tools. But in this business, collaboration and keeping on top of the game is key. No one can afford working in isolation and networking becomes of prime importance in socialising, sourcing clients and learning new techniques. Education cost can be one of the highest of all industries and still the sands shift daily.
This blogger and would be Yoda dreams of creating the killer site and finding the killer automated tool.



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