Strange name but this gem was created by master copywriter and marketer Brett McFall who has created literally thousands of successful ads, webpages and persuasive sales copy. Brett is Australia's leading and most successful marketer, he is also Co-Founder of 'The World Internet Summit' Seminars seen by thousands from around the globe. 

My recommendation is that if you ever get the chance to attend Brett's seminars, take lots of notes and do exactly what he tells you to do.

This piece of copywriting software does the job for you … I have found it easy to use. No fiddly steps … Just fill in the blanks and the BURPIES software does the rest for you.

Using Brett's copywriting software makes it easier than falling off a log, really! – Plus it automatically inserts his secret and proven copywriting formulas into your marketing! 

I am always on the lookout for successful Marketers to follow and model.  Brett McFall in my estimation is certainly right up there with the best.

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