Maximum Success University

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Maximum Success University

Let’s start this post with a question?

Is Quality FREE Content Really becoming just a Dream? Before you answer that here is a comment left on Paul Barrs new creation and site:

Maximum Success University

“This by far the most information that we have seen in one place for such a crazy price (free!) …”

Second Question…

Is your online business going to help you reach your goals?

Well get this … YOU are the cause for your business not being as successful as it could be.

What should you do about it? Quit? Walk away? Just give up?

I certainly hope not!

Maximum Success University

It’s not all your fault. There is just so much rubbish floating around these days that it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish between the good, the bad and the downright UGLY!

It all comes down to this… have you ever felt like there was just some LITTLE piece that’s missing, and that if you had it, your website would be a success? I know I did… and the reason I’m writing this post is to tell you about a guy who has

FINALLY figured it out, and is helping thousands of other people do THE SAME.

Now you don’t have to enroll at Cambridge anymore

Maximum Success University

I’m talking about Paul Barrs’ Maximum Success University

The doors are OPEN! And this site has the potential to help you help make a whole lot more money than you can possibly imagine.

Think about it… you didn’t really get into internet marketing so you could work MORE, work HARDER and earn less, did you?

So stop doing it!

I’ve had a look inside Maximum Success University and I can’t speak highly enough about what is being taught there. And whether you take the free or paid option, for this kind of price, there is NO way you should pass it up. In fact I have upgraded to a full Maximum Success University membership


CHECK OUT THIS REVIEW From IM veteran Bob Silber:

“… an exceptional, world class product… That is exactly what Paul Barrs offers here.

Maximum Success University is an excellant training platform where you can learn every aspect of Internet Marketing… You won’t have to buy another product to learn what you need to know.”

Maximum Success University


I don’t have much more to add to what Bob said – Maximum Success University is an INCREDIBLE package at a (currently) ridiculous price. Paul offers a free option and a paid option, with the paid option starting $17 and going up each 100 sales. I expect it’s going to be $400 or $500 in a just a few weeks.

Go ans sign up for Maximum Success University now; get it free or upgrade and pay less for it. I know you will be thanking me (and Paul) for it very soon…


Maximum Success University

Maximum Success University


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  3. Kathy Baker on Wed, 4th May 2011 3:32 pm
  4. Hi Ian

    I have been wanting to make contact since I discovered there is a local Melbourne Internet Marketers group.

    Also BTW, I was just wondering – I use the same WP theme for my blog as you do but I have not been able to successfully get a banner ad in the 468×60 Ad Banner spot in the header. I see you have! Any advice?

    Maximum Success University sounds very interesting… I love the name!


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