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SEOProssor & WP-Syndicator


Some people find it hard to get to the top of search engine rankings, especially Google. No matter how hard they try, they just never achieve it. Other people find it easy to get to the top, in a blink of the eye. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Have you tried building links, commenting on other peoples blogs, submitting your articles and syndicating content… Only to discover that driving traffic is HARD work…

WP-Syndicator automates a HUGE amounts of promotional work… Imagine spending well over an hour per blog post doing the work when WP-Syndicator does automatically…

Have a look at WP-Syndicator here

The SEOProssor tool

The one’s who reach the top of the 1st page let trusted software tools take care of the tedious tasks of analysis, research and calculation that can so bedevil the human mind. The SEOProssor tool from Daniel Tan makes their work so easy, simple and risk-free, soon SEO consultants might need to find a new career path!

You can get a 7 day trial of SEOProssor here

Believe me if you aren’t automating your business with reliable tools and software, you can bet the one’s who are getting the results are…

Automation is CRITICAL…

Past speakers and friends of the Melbourne Internet Marketers group David Jenyns and Pete Williams are continually looking at ways to automate their business. As I have shared in an earlier email, they are putting on a 2 day workshop on how they use Outsourcing to leverage and Video to promote their respective successful businesses

These guys do what’s working, their results are testimony to that, so join me and learn the secrets

Access the agenda and details here

On the subject of Video I promised a special evening for next Mondays Meeting…

It’s all about video and you

There will be a Green screen set up – (Don’t worry, the magic of a green screen will be explained on the night). We’ll have some video cameras, from flip to TV production quality.

You know when somebody says to you “What do you do online?”

Well, we are going to workshop your 30 second elevator speech and capture it on video (optional) for you to use on your websites.  Sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry we are all in the same boat and the beauty of video is that you can do it again, and again…

Once we have these complete, we will then move on to testimonials.  We all know how important they are, don’t we?  Well you are going to get the opportunity of getting a few on video.

When the elevator, ‘what can I do for you’ speeches are available, we can record testimonials to them… Everyone wins by practicing and participating.

So make sure you don’t miss out! Monday 13 September 7:00pm sharp at Richmond Library

It’s going to be a fun evening

Remember your Success Online will be made easier with tools such as the SEOProssor and WP-Syndicator Plugins

Outsourcing & Web Video Strategies

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Outsourcing and Video Marketing

Arguably outsourcing and Video Marketing are the two most important strategies you need to knowledgeable in to build a successful online business today. Get mastery in these two areas and you’ll build your business quicker, easier, and more cheaply than anything else you’ve tried before.

So, are you interested to discover how you can do it?

It couldn’t be easier, simply attend the workshop on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2010 and you’ll discover the very best in outsourcing strategies from Pete Williams, the owner of a multi-million dollar Telecommunications company, and proven video marketing methods from David Jenyns and Ben McEwing, who’ve generated over 1,000,000+ views on You tube.

This is a special event with seats for only 20 people…


On day one they”ll be covering everything you need to know about outsourcing such as:

  • what to outsource
  • how successfully to hire for quick one off projects
  • how to successfully hire virtual your staff for full time roles
  • show everyone all the tools we use to communicate effectively and efficiently with our virtual team to ensure you’ll get the outcomes you want first time and every time
  • how manage the team effectively using a bunch of simple tools

plus a tonne of more golden info..

Day 2

Schedule: To be posted shortly but it will include:

  • Discover The Secrets To Creating viral videos
  • Getting Traffic And Making Money From Web Video

Outsourcing Day – 2nd October 2010
Web Video Day – 3rd October 2010

Price: Tickets for the full day are only $250 and that includes workbook and lunch.  Book for both days $400 and save $100!

Time: 8:45am – 5:30pm

Venue: 215 Bell St, Preston, Victoria, Australia (15 minutes from Melbourne CBD)

To Book in Click here – and please don’t forget to mention you are from Melbourne Internet Marketers

Be quick as there will only be 20 seats available

Outsourcing and Video Marketing

The Challenge

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In just a few days, one of the biggest Internet Marketing events of 2010 begins.

And it's known simply as – "The Challenge".

The Challenge used t be known as the 30 Day Challenge and is a free training course run by some of the world's most respected Internet marketers:

The Challenge

This year's Challenge has a new format, but the goal of The Challenge is similar to the Melbourne Internet Marketers: To build a profitable online business.

Think about this – the latest up-to-date training on how to build your own site, how to get as much traffic to the site as quickly as possible – and then how to harness that traffic amd monetize it to create your own income source.

And the claim is that all you need is 30 minutes a day!

This means whether you are working a job, looking after kids, running a business – it's easy to complete
in this year's Challenge. No matter what your circumstances are

The best part is, all of The Challenge training is completely free.

So the first dollar you earn (and every dollar after that!) will be all the sweeter.

Because The Challenge is a full crash course on the latest internet marketing techniques, it doesn't matter whether you're new to internet marketing, or a seasoned expert, The Challenge will be a very valuable experience.

Some of the content that will be covered this year includes the very latest strategies for:

  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Backlinking
  • Link Network
  • Creation
  • Article Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Website Analysis & Monitoring,
  • and a whole lot more.

So it doesn't matter what your experience level is, there will be something for you.

To get access to The Challenge training materials, sign up here:

The Challenge

More than 135,000 people have participated in The Challenge so far!

Make sure you sign up now, get access to all of the latest Challenge training, and grow your online business.

Go for it!

Internet Marketing Workshop for Small Business

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Old school "Static" advertising vs the instantly changeable & reportable Web 2.0 method

Marketing where your Customers are looking…

The traditional methods of getting your message out to your customers, simply does not work anymore! There is an increasing need for Business Owners to understand the shift in where their customers are looking for your products and services.

More and more of your customers and consumers are relying on the internet and in particular Google, when they are looking for your products and services – online marketing is something you just have to have an understanding of.

So if you’re A Small Business Owner Needing Help Generating New Customers & Business – Take a moment to watch the Video below…

I'd like you to join me at a special event that will Totally Transform Your Business in 2010 called…

The Small Business Internet Market Workshop

Run by real world Business Owners just like you and me – David Jenyns and Pete Williams – And not one of those self-proclaimed “Marketing Experts
This workshop is just what you need to get an understanding and to get you started marketing online – Not to mention – save you from spending thousands of dollars on traditional media advertising like yellow pages, magazine and local paper adverts or letter drops that simply don't give you the results you deserve

A one day workshop with the specific goal of giving you a step-by-step plan to unlock an almost unlimited number of new clients.

Perfect for any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to get on the cutting edge of using the web so your new customers and prospects can find your services

Workshop Agenda

Session #1 Keyword Research Secrets – How to best map out your website for guaranteed success
Session #2 Landing Pages, Usability, Analytics – Improve your website conversion rate immediately
Session #3 Google Adwords – The easiest way to turn on profitable traffic
Session #4 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – How to drive traffic to your website
Session #5 Google Local & Web2.0 – The secrets to staying one step ahead of your competitors
Session #6 Autoresponders – How to create a 24/7 sales machine that works without you
Session #7 Publicity – Get media coverage that converts to real paying clients
Session #8 Video – Get your video to come up #1 on Google

For more details and bookings click on the following link:

Small Business Internet Market Workshop

Google Adwords

Increase Visits to Your Site by adding Google Adwords to Your Marketing

Google AdSense allows you to earn income by having relevant ads on your site to match the content.  This sounds great, but…. You have to get the visitors there in the first place!

Google AdWords allows you to promote your websites on the No 1 search engine, plus the Google content network.

By doing your market research and selecting the relevant keywords to you business, by using AdWords your ads will show up on Googles search listing pages when prospective visitors type in those words or phrases. The result:

An increase in qualified traffic to your site

  • Your ads will be listed on the Google search results page appearing to qualified leads who are searching for the things that are relevant to your website and are interested in your content.
  • You can set your budget and choose how much you wish to spend per day, week or month.  And you will only pay when a potential customer clicks on your adsEven small budgets can be used effectively with AdWords.
  • You can set up an AdWords account in under an hour and once activated, change your ads, keywords and even your budget at any time.
  • Within a short period of time you can analyse which ads people are clicking on, how many visitors you're getting, and most importantly, what ads are working and which one's aren't.
  • There is no obligated time or contract period, you can stop when you choose to. However, if it is bringing you an increase in qualified prospects and customers, why would you stop?

To learn more on how to use Google AdWords as part of your Marketing and list building strategies.  Join us for an evening with Mike Rhodes, one of Australia's few Google trained, certified and qualified experts on getting the best results for your online business at the Richmond Library, Monday 12 April 2010 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Find out how to get a $75 Advertising credit on your new Google AdWords Account here

Melbourne Internet Marketers meet each month to gain and share their Internet Marketing knowledge. To receive notifications and regular updates regarding Internet Marketing knowledge, events and workshops.  Make sure you join the free membership by completing the form in the top right hand of this page

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