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SEOProssor & WP-Syndicator


Some people find it hard to get to the top of search engine rankings, especially Google. No matter how hard they try, they just never achieve it. Other people find it easy to get to the top, in a blink of the eye. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Have you tried building links, commenting on other peoples blogs, submitting your articles and syndicating content… Only to discover that driving traffic is HARD work…

WP-Syndicator automates a HUGE amounts of promotional work… Imagine spending well over an hour per blog post doing the work when WP-Syndicator does automatically…

Have a look at WP-Syndicator here

The SEOProssor tool

The one’s who reach the top of the 1st page let trusted software tools take care of the tedious tasks of analysis, research and calculation that can so bedevil the human mind. The SEOProssor tool from Daniel Tan makes their work so easy, simple and risk-free, soon SEO consultants might need to find a new career path!

You can get a 7 day trial of SEOProssor here

Believe me if you aren’t automating your business with reliable tools and software, you can bet the one’s who are getting the results are…

Automation is CRITICAL…

Past speakers and friends of the Melbourne Internet Marketers group David Jenyns and Pete Williams are continually looking at ways to automate their business. As I have shared in an earlier email, they are putting on a 2 day workshop on how they use Outsourcing to leverage and Video to promote their respective successful businesses

These guys do what’s working, their results are testimony to that, so join me and learn the secrets

Access the agenda and details here

On the subject of Video I promised a special evening for next Mondays Meeting…

It’s all about video and you

There will be a Green screen set up – (Don’t worry, the magic of a green screen will be explained on the night). We’ll have some video cameras, from flip to TV production quality.

You know when somebody says to you “What do you do online?”

Well, we are going to workshop your 30 second elevator speech and capture it on video (optional) for you to use on your websites.  Sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry we are all in the same boat and the beauty of video is that you can do it again, and again…

Once we have these complete, we will then move on to testimonials.  We all know how important they are, don’t we?  Well you are going to get the opportunity of getting a few on video.

When the elevator, ‘what can I do for you’ speeches are available, we can record testimonials to them… Everyone wins by practicing and participating.

So make sure you don’t miss out! Monday 13 September 7:00pm sharp at Richmond Library

It’s going to be a fun evening

Remember your Success Online will be made easier with tools such as the SEOProssor and WP-Syndicator Plugins

Twitter Commando

I knew it would happen, someone would crack the Twitter Marketing code…

Well, what I did not know was that Sean Donahoe cracked this code over a year ago and has been making $10,000s from Twitter every single month without spending a dime.

The Manic Marketer/Twitter Commando

Sean has literally blown the doors off of Twitter marketing and as always, shows us exactly how we can do it too.

With over 1 million Twitter followers in all his different niches you will soon see why he is known as one of the few Social Media Guru's that actually delivers results and is very successful.

Now here's the thing, and this is very important, he is only revealing his secrets to a few people. In fact, you may already be too late to learn from one of the foremost experts on Twitter Marketing

The  manic commando

I took a look at Twitter Commando and this is certainly not your usual rehashed rubbish that you see everywhere. I often laugh at people touting themselves as experts and they have less than 2000 followers on Twitter.

Sean, however, has more followers than most so-called marketing guru's out there and he walks the walk and talks the talk… and profits too.

This is a high-quality, high-octane video course that really allows you to follow exactly how Sean created a massive flow of cash from his Twitter accounts in under 1 year almost on 100% autopilot and this system is easily applied by anyone.

I was pleasantly surprised at the price for this course with everything he put in here. However, if you know Sean,  he is all about taking you to the next level and as usual he hasn't let us down with this gem …

Go check it out now: Twitter Commando

Internet Terminology

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Glossary of Common Internet Terms

The Language of the web can sometimes be confusing and impenetrable for beginners.

The internet has brought about it's own vocabulary combining both user Jargon and technical terms. Experienced users may know all the terminology, but ask them to explain the meanings behind the jargon and the acronyms, often stumps them completely.

A collection of the most common you may come across is available to download for your convenience and the list will build over time:-


Download your Glossary of Internet Terms

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

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Notes from the October 28 Meeting:

We are now getting serious about our blogging, in fact some of us spend some considerable time putting together a post, writing and then perfecting it until it is just right and ready to publish to our list of followers….

Followers… That would be traffic, right?  If only we could get more traffic to visit our blog.  This is always a problem when you are getting started and despite all the promises you receive via your daily bombardment of emails, it does take some work,  a little time and most of all perseverance.

Here are a few ways to increase the flow of traffic to your blog that we will be discussing at our next meeting

Do your keyword research

To find the best keywords to include through your post. I have been using Market Samurai. The Keyword research tool within Market Samurai is free to download. Find and use the best keyword phrases in your posts to attract free traffic from the people who are typing in those words & phrases.

After using and learning how to use this amazing tool you will want to purchase the complete package, like I did.

Install All-in-one-Seo or Platinum SEO Plugins

Submit your Blog to some RSS feed

Add Images and Videos to your posts

Add a Twitter Tools plugin

Add the "Sociable" plugin

Set up an Aweber account

Social Bookmark your post to Digg, Propeller and StumbleUpon

Ask Friends to comment about your post

Submit your post to Ezine Directories

There you have it, there are plenty more ways to attract traffic but if you take action on the ones above, you are on your way. 

Make sure you register for our next meeting on the 28 November when all the above will be gone through in more detail

WordPress Membership Software

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Membership sites can be a great source of recurring income.  Unfortunately, some of the membership software it takes to run these sites can be quite expensive or complicated or both.  As such choosing membership software can be daunting and may scare off the beginner.  Consequently, I wrote this article to help you make an informed decision.

The big question:  Do I want to invest a little or a bunch in my membership software? 

There are alternatives ranging anywhere from thousands of dollars to essentially free.  On the upper end of the range is a membership software company called MemberGate.  This is definitely the Rolls-Royce of the industry with lots of bells and whistles.  Problem is – it is cost prohibitive for most beginners with packages ranging from nearly $4,000.00 to over $15,000.00.

In the mid range of cost is membership software from Amember.  This software is around $300 and you must host the software on your own server.   I use this software for one of my membership sites and I am fairly happy with it.  Problem here is it fairly costly for a beginner and in my opinion the membership software is rather clunky and NOT intuitive.   That is, the learning curve for using it is fairly steep especially if you are not technically inclined.

At the low end of the investment range is using open source content management software like WordPress.   In fact, using WordPress with available plugins you can have your own membership site up and ready to accept paying members in 2 hours or less and you can essentially do it for FREE.  And here’s the best part, you can have the same powerful functionality as the more expensive membership software.
Namely, you’ll be able to:

*    Start accepting payments with PayPal so you can make money right away.

*    Email your members from within your membership site so you save time and hassle.

*    See members and guests on your site so you always know who’s there at any given time.

*    Offer free content and yet protect premium content so you can make more sales by allowing free browsers a hint at what’s available to them in the premium area.

The challenge with using WordPress and plugins for membership software is there is no real roadmap that describes how to set-up the WordPress software and how and where to find the needed plugins.  That being said, it is definitely do able with Google searches and significant trial and error.  

Alternatively, you can check out Membership Plugin by clicking here and sign-up for FREE WordPress tips, tricks and insider details for making a WordPress membership site wildly profitable.

Check out this comparison…


Membership Software What You Pay
Member Gate Prices starting at $3,995.00 and going up to almost $30K.
Amember $299.00
WordPress with Special Membership Site Plugin WOW! Only $19.97! – Your investment in this video training which includes the special customized plugin.
Best Deal!

 So get your Membership site up and running for less than $20.00 by clicking on the link below:

Create Your Membership Site

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