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Email Mini Courses

Email mini-courses managed by an autoresponder like Aweber and are one of the best methods to dramatically increase your sales and build a relationship with a loyal list of subscribers which you can maintain contact with and send both informational and promotional emails on a regular basis.

This video demonstrates how an autoresponder can build and distribute your Email mini courses

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Since most visitors, regardless of how relevant your landing page is, will leave, never return and will never buy on their first visit, a well- constructed email mini course solves that problem.

An email mini course works like this:

1) On your landing page, you offer your visitor a free subscription to a 5-7 part online email mini course.

Email mini-courses
2) The visitor "opts in" (subscribes to your list) by giving their first name and email address.

3) You automatically send the visitor a pre-written email mini courses lessons and follow-up messages every couple of days using your autoresponder software.

Now you have gained your visitor’s permission, to maintain contact with him or her for as long you want to until they buy or decide to unsubscribe from your emails.

Using email course you can build up your opt-in list. This will give you the opportunity to promote not only one product but also other complimentary products and special offers down the road. I have personally achieved the best results using 5-7 part Email Mini courses. Here's how you should structure it to maximize results:

1) Use 5 separate articles as the lessons for your Email Mini courses. You can either construct your own articles or use the articles in our database. It wise to diversify the subjects of your articles (for example: day 1- the real cause of infertility, day 2- the connection between diet and getting pregnant revealed, day 3- the 3 biggest mistakes you want to avoid when trying to conceive exposed etc.)

2) Setup your autoresponder software to send out a lesson every other day.

3) Insert a follow-up message in between each lesson to make sure your subscribers received your previous lessons and to remind them of your future lessons.

Make sure you promote the program once at the base of each lesson and once at the end of each lesson. As always, don’t forget to insert your cloaked affiliate link at the end of each lesson.

If you have any questions about Email mini courses, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Become A Blogger is Closing

Become A Blogger is Closing

A couple of years ago Gideon Shalwick and teamed up with Yaro Starak to create a video site called

Originally the site was built to offer ten videos to show beginners how to set up a blog.

Become A Blogger grew from that into a full blown training program, with over 50 videos, instructional audios and coaching support to teach people how to make money blogging.

The course ended up selling much better than Gideon & Yaro thought it would. In fact it was, and still is, their single best selling product they’ve ever created based on the number of people who joined.

This week marks the end of the road so to speak as Gideon and Yaro have decided to shut down the course, and this time it won’t reopen, at least not in its present form.

The Become a Blogger premium program is closing for good this Friday, May 6th at midnight eastern US time.


If you have yet to study this course, you want to learn how to make money from a blog and you are a beginner who likes to follow basic instructional videos, then you are in luck with a special offer.

This week for the closing down of Become A Blogger Premium you can join the course at a discount price.

It normally costs $247 for the complete program, but until Friday you can join at $100 off.

There is an option to join Blog Mastermind bundled with Become A Blogger Premium as well, which is $200 off, for this week only.

Take take advantage of these discounts, the order page is here –

Become a Blogger


Inside the course you will study…

8 Modules

* Module 1: Get Your Blog Up And Running Fast And FREE

* Module 2: How To Optimize Your Blog For Maximum Search Engine Performance

* Module 3: How To Create Powerful Content For Your Blog

* Module 4: How To Use Images On Your Blog To Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

* Module 5: How To Create A Different Dimension To Your Blog By Adding Audio

* Module 6: How To Breathe Life Into Your Blog Using Online Video

* Module 7: How To Create Multiple Streams of High Quality Traffic To Your Blog

* Module 8: How To Make Money From Your Blog Using A Proven Formula



Click Here to Watch the FREE Blogging Video Tutorials

Pete Williams – Guest Speaker

The Richmond Library is booked and confirmed! More importantly so is our guest speaker for the evening, Pete Williams.

Pete is an entrepreneur, best selling author and Internet Marketer from Melbourne. He has been called “Australia’s Richard Branson” in media publications all over Australia.

Pete has written the International smash hit “How To Turn Your Million Dollar Idea Into A Reality” (+ the upcoming “It’s Not About The Product”) and he’s also created a bunch of companies including Infiniti Telecommunications, On Hold Advertising, Simply Headsets and Preneur Group .

This is going to be a great evening of learning about online marketing, developing successful Adwords campaigns, and telling the world about your products or services through the power of Press releases.

So make sure you mark 7:00pm Monday August 16 in your diary

PS. You can read more about Pete Williams on his blog

Twitter Commando

I knew it would happen, someone would crack the Twitter Marketing code…

Well, what I did not know was that Sean Donahoe cracked this code over a year ago and has been making $10,000s from Twitter every single month without spending a dime.

The Manic Marketer/Twitter Commando

Sean has literally blown the doors off of Twitter marketing and as always, shows us exactly how we can do it too.

With over 1 million Twitter followers in all his different niches you will soon see why he is known as one of the few Social Media Guru's that actually delivers results and is very successful.

Now here's the thing, and this is very important, he is only revealing his secrets to a few people. In fact, you may already be too late to learn from one of the foremost experts on Twitter Marketing

The  manic commando

I took a look at Twitter Commando and this is certainly not your usual rehashed rubbish that you see everywhere. I often laugh at people touting themselves as experts and they have less than 2000 followers on Twitter.

Sean, however, has more followers than most so-called marketing guru's out there and he walks the walk and talks the talk… and profits too.

This is a high-quality, high-octane video course that really allows you to follow exactly how Sean created a massive flow of cash from his Twitter accounts in under 1 year almost on 100% autopilot and this system is easily applied by anyone.

I was pleasantly surprised at the price for this course with everything he put in here. However, if you know Sean,  he is all about taking you to the next level and as usual he hasn't let us down with this gem …

Go check it out now: Twitter Commando

Internet Marketing Workshop for Small Business

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Old school "Static" advertising vs the instantly changeable & reportable Web 2.0 method

Marketing where your Customers are looking…

The traditional methods of getting your message out to your customers, simply does not work anymore! There is an increasing need for Business Owners to understand the shift in where their customers are looking for your products and services.

More and more of your customers and consumers are relying on the internet and in particular Google, when they are looking for your products and services – online marketing is something you just have to have an understanding of.

So if you’re A Small Business Owner Needing Help Generating New Customers & Business – Take a moment to watch the Video below…

I'd like you to join me at a special event that will Totally Transform Your Business in 2010 called…

The Small Business Internet Market Workshop

Run by real world Business Owners just like you and me – David Jenyns and Pete Williams – And not one of those self-proclaimed “Marketing Experts
This workshop is just what you need to get an understanding and to get you started marketing online – Not to mention – save you from spending thousands of dollars on traditional media advertising like yellow pages, magazine and local paper adverts or letter drops that simply don't give you the results you deserve

A one day workshop with the specific goal of giving you a step-by-step plan to unlock an almost unlimited number of new clients.

Perfect for any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to get on the cutting edge of using the web so your new customers and prospects can find your services

Workshop Agenda

Session #1 Keyword Research Secrets – How to best map out your website for guaranteed success
Session #2 Landing Pages, Usability, Analytics – Improve your website conversion rate immediately
Session #3 Google Adwords – The easiest way to turn on profitable traffic
Session #4 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – How to drive traffic to your website
Session #5 Google Local & Web2.0 – The secrets to staying one step ahead of your competitors
Session #6 Autoresponders – How to create a 24/7 sales machine that works without you
Session #7 Publicity – Get media coverage that converts to real paying clients
Session #8 Video – Get your video to come up #1 on Google

For more details and bookings click on the following link:

Small Business Internet Market Workshop

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