Winning the Game with Rich Schefren

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Here’s How To Play The “Game” Of Business By Choosing The Game YOU

Are Most Likely To Win!

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When you started searching for a way to earn a good living online, you probably found thousands
of confusing choices, all claiming to be “the best”.

Many of these are “pitched” to you like a carnival barker looking for his next unwary victim to step up to play his secretly “unwinnable” game.

Well here’s why you shouldn’t look at online business as an “unwinnable” game, even though some people think it is, after trying time and time again to make a living online… unsuccessfully.

When really, it’s very possible to win at online business. If you just understand these 3 critical concepts:

1) Be STRATEGIC when deciding on what kind of business you want (starting with your desired end result in mind)…

2) Set yourself up to “play” with an ADVANTAGE (by positioning your business to WIN)…

3) Play the RIGHT game (the one you are most likely to win)…

See, I’ve been very successful online.

And many others have too. After they were transformed from struggling opportunity seekers, to entrepreneurial millionaires by another very successful person online…

The guru to the Internet gurus, Rich Schefren.

So how do you be strategic? How do you play with an advantage? And how do you know you’re playing the RIGHT game for you?

Join Rich Schefren for a special Free Access Accelerated Business Course he’s doing in a few days, and you’ll find out EXACTLY how.

Rich has helped more Internet marketers become bona fide “entrepreneurial millionaires” than anyone else I know.

And he also helps some of the biggest companies in the world… who pay up to $25k… to have him fix what’s broken in their business.

Now you can uncover the critical steps you need to take to build a successful online business… during Rich’s Free Access course called…

“From Frustration to Freedom… The 3 Strategic Pillars That Take the Mystery Out of Succeeding Online in 2011”

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Grab your spot for Rich’s Free Access Accelerated Business Course and you’ll get all the details, that you can implement in your business immediately to…

– Boost earnings without more marketing tactics…

– Eliminate most problems permanently…

– Develop your business STRATEGICALLY…

– Position yourself to WIN in business…

– Find the “game” you’re most likely to WIN…

– Make lots more with LESS effort…

– And blast away your self-doubt forever…

… bringing you positive results in as little as one week.

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Want more from your online business? Then you need to hear what Rich has to say.

To your success

50 SEO Tips to Increase Page Visits

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Social Media is an amazing thing … I mean you just never know who you may connect to in places like planet Facebook

One of the contacts I have made is a pair of Professional Website Builders Temogen Amato and Mark G Roberts

You can find out more about their Website Building and SEO Services at:

Temogen kindly sent me his 50 SEO Tips to Increase your Page Visits which I have reproduced with his permmission below for you

Go through them and make sure you are using some if not all of them on your Blog or site pages – Let me know what you think, have we missed anything, if so let everyone know by leaving a comment

1. On Site SEO: Glossary pages are good content for SEO

2. On Site SEO: Use footer links sparingly and only link to your most important pages. Don’t waste pagerank on content that is worthless.

3. Search: You need to get your site in to the blended search results using images and video. A picture is worth 1000 words and people are clicking on it.

4. Keyword Research: Use Google Insights to make sure the keywords you are focusing on do not have declining interest.

5. Analytics: Measure your brand traffic and keyword traffic separately.

6. Analytics: Are you ranking #1 (or trying to rank #1) for a keyword that will not provide any real benefit to your business? Check that. Use Keywords that bring in business not curiously seekers.

7. Keyword Research: Perform ongoing keyword research. The way people search changes.

8. Competitive Analysis: Read competitors press releases. Are they using words that may change the way people search? Think “Kleenex, Xerox, Dell”

9. Keyword Research: Use Google Trends to check traffic trends in different markets. There may be emerging opportunities in other geographic areas.

10. Keyword Research: How long will it take to get a keyword converting? Will it be worth it when it does?

11. Launching a new product that doesn’t exist in the market yet? Associate it with one that does to make people more comfortable with it.

12. Landing pages: put the call to action above the fold.

13. Landing pages: keep forms above the fold and make them as short as possible

14. Conversions: 3% to 5% is decent

15. Bounce rate: 30% is good, 50% is ok, 70% needs work

16. Search: 80% of queries are informational. Give them the information they want and then lead them where you want them

17. Forms: make sure there are no questions they can’t answer or they will leave

18. Does your “Thank You” page cross sell or further engage? It should.

19. User experience: Screen size and resolution matters. Test, test, test

20. Local search: Just because you are closest doesn’t mean you get the business. You need to build your brand too. Build trust.

21. Local search: Pull out your phone and do a search for your business. What happened?

22. Local search: neighborhoods matter

23. Local search: Pull out your cell phone and search for your business. What happened? (Duplicate)

24. Local Search: neighborhoods matter. Are you optimizing for a “bad neighborhood”?
25. Local Search: point your browser to and follow the instructions

26. Local search: Add photos and video to your local search listing

27. Local search: include city & state in the title tags

28. Even negative reviews help your rank. It’s all about the numbers

29. Offer an Incentive for reviews

30. Sign up to watch a video worked much better than sign up to download a white paper

31. 80% of your visitors will fill out an “optional information” form after completing your call to action

32. Most visitors will not watch more than the 2nd image of a rotating image.

33. Marketing and making money must be the #1 goal of your website

34. 7 choices tops for your main navigation. Too much = no choice

35. Don’t use a final forward slash on your URL’s

36. Buttons should never say “Submit”. Try “Download Now”, “Start Free Trial”, “Request More Information”

37. When building links make sure they have a random life

38. Link magnets are more productive than link begging

39. Local Search: Local business’s need local links

40. Text links in a page carry more weight than alt text

41. Link Building: No follow one link on a page and all become no follow

42. Link Building: The sequence of links on a page matters. Put the important ones on top.

43. Check your analytics for pages that are getting links and no traffic and redirect them.

44. Always be testing and measuring results. Before you change something get a benchmark.

45. The order of links in the code is more important than the order of links in the user experience

46. Surface conversations about your product, service or brand that are happening

47. Google’s technology is emerging to be able to read text in images. (Think picture of a newspaper page)

48. Google’s technology is also emerging to be able to understand words spoken in Video and index the transcripts.

49. If you are going to do video write the script with keywords in mind

50. If you use a map on your site embed a real map versus using an image.


To find more tips on all things internet & website design visit


Google +1 button

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Google +1 button

As you might heard that Google just released their new service Google +1 button for social networking.

Simply called the Google +1 button

It looks like the same as Facebook like button – but it is from Google. Therefore, it is Google’s asset and Google will treat it as a great resource if your site had their button.

After testing this button here are benefits I found from 5 blogs with Google +1 button.

New blogs and new pages were indexed faster than before!

In fact, 3 new blogs have all benefited from the button.

Better ranking on pages that I’ve targeted to a specific keyword!

I’m still unsure if this is a result from adding the Google +1 button or not, but its working fine for me.

The results so far have convinced me to install Google +1 button into all of my blogs progressively over the next few days.

The purpose of this post was just to share with you that I’m using a free WordPress plug-in to do this. (It was not created or owned by me)

Click on the link below to download – It is completely free and you can set it up your Google +1 button in just a few minutes.

Google +1 button

Let me know how the Google +1 button works for you, leave a comment, or let me know if you need some help with this.

Become A Blogger is Closing

Become A Blogger is Closing

A couple of years ago Gideon Shalwick and teamed up with Yaro Starak to create a video site called

Originally the site was built to offer ten videos to show beginners how to set up a blog.

Become A Blogger grew from that into a full blown training program, with over 50 videos, instructional audios and coaching support to teach people how to make money blogging.

The course ended up selling much better than Gideon & Yaro thought it would. In fact it was, and still is, their single best selling product they’ve ever created based on the number of people who joined.

This week marks the end of the road so to speak as Gideon and Yaro have decided to shut down the course, and this time it won’t reopen, at least not in its present form.

The Become a Blogger premium program is closing for good this Friday, May 6th at midnight eastern US time.


If you have yet to study this course, you want to learn how to make money from a blog and you are a beginner who likes to follow basic instructional videos, then you are in luck with a special offer.

This week for the closing down of Become A Blogger Premium you can join the course at a discount price.

It normally costs $247 for the complete program, but until Friday you can join at $100 off.

There is an option to join Blog Mastermind bundled with Become A Blogger Premium as well, which is $200 off, for this week only.

Take take advantage of these discounts, the order page is here –

Become a Blogger


Inside the course you will study…

8 Modules

* Module 1: Get Your Blog Up And Running Fast And FREE

* Module 2: How To Optimize Your Blog For Maximum Search Engine Performance

* Module 3: How To Create Powerful Content For Your Blog

* Module 4: How To Use Images On Your Blog To Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

* Module 5: How To Create A Different Dimension To Your Blog By Adding Audio

* Module 6: How To Breathe Life Into Your Blog Using Online Video

* Module 7: How To Create Multiple Streams of High Quality Traffic To Your Blog

* Module 8: How To Make Money From Your Blog Using A Proven Formula



Click Here to Watch the FREE Blogging Video Tutorials

Maximum Success University

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Maximum Success University

Let’s start this post with a question?

Is Quality FREE Content Really becoming just a Dream? Before you answer that here is a comment left on Paul Barrs new creation and site:

Maximum Success University

“This by far the most information that we have seen in one place for such a crazy price (free!) …”

Second Question…

Is your online business going to help you reach your goals?

Well get this … YOU are the cause for your business not being as successful as it could be.

What should you do about it? Quit? Walk away? Just give up?

I certainly hope not!

Maximum Success University

It’s not all your fault. There is just so much rubbish floating around these days that it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish between the good, the bad and the downright UGLY!

It all comes down to this… have you ever felt like there was just some LITTLE piece that’s missing, and that if you had it, your website would be a success? I know I did… and the reason I’m writing this post is to tell you about a guy who has

FINALLY figured it out, and is helping thousands of other people do THE SAME.

Now you don’t have to enroll at Cambridge anymore

Maximum Success University

I’m talking about Paul Barrs’ Maximum Success University

The doors are OPEN! And this site has the potential to help you help make a whole lot more money than you can possibly imagine.

Think about it… you didn’t really get into internet marketing so you could work MORE, work HARDER and earn less, did you?

So stop doing it!

I’ve had a look inside Maximum Success University and I can’t speak highly enough about what is being taught there. And whether you take the free or paid option, for this kind of price, there is NO way you should pass it up. In fact I have upgraded to a full Maximum Success University membership


CHECK OUT THIS REVIEW From IM veteran Bob Silber:

“… an exceptional, world class product… That is exactly what Paul Barrs offers here.

Maximum Success University is an excellant training platform where you can learn every aspect of Internet Marketing… You won’t have to buy another product to learn what you need to know.”

Maximum Success University


I don’t have much more to add to what Bob said – Maximum Success University is an INCREDIBLE package at a (currently) ridiculous price. Paul offers a free option and a paid option, with the paid option starting $17 and going up each 100 sales. I expect it’s going to be $400 or $500 in a just a few weeks.

Go ans sign up for Maximum Success University now; get it free or upgrade and pay less for it. I know you will be thanking me (and Paul) for it very soon…


Maximum Success University

Maximum Success University

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