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Melbourne Internet Marketers Event 12th July 2010 at Richmond Library
Presenter David Jenyns
Participant’s Review (in Perspective) of SEO

Arrived late due to a misunderstanding of address at 45 Church St as opposed to 415 Church St but all well worth the walk! What a great information night and for those of you who did not turn up – you missed genuine secrets shared by David who is not only a young achiever but ever so humble and willing to share. Let’s see if we can re-capture some of the salient points discussed.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) involved both On Page and Off Page Optimisation strategies. On Page Optimisation requires code changes to the pages whilst Off Page Optimisation techniques can include market intelligence as well as tools engagement.

Key steps to a business client’s SEO journey involve ticking off the following:

  • Understand Product/Service and ensure that the business backend model is sound
  • Research target market/competition/key words relating to the product/service
  • Build the website and map keywords for optimisation (Metatags, titletags, body …)
  • Install Google Analytics and Master Tools and analyse over 3 months
  • On Page Optimisation/Conversion of traffic to sale ensuring that the contact info flow starts from top right hand corner
  • Engage Google Places (Local)
  • Engage Google Adwords
  • Quick Cash promotion/customer reach out (send email to clients with discount offers etc)
  • Off Page Optimisation engaging Video Marketing, Traffic Geyser (10 biggest Questions clients ask and should ask)
  • Produce a white paper (20page report) for client – build database and auto responses to capture email addresses and their biggest frustrations
  • Utilise Web2.0 Twitter/Facebook/Foursquares to be applied after 3 months
  • Press Release – apply branded content (video that does not spread virally)
  • Regular blogging, optimise with 20 KW, interview experts with top 10 questions plus set up Google alerts
  • Build informational products for clients eg a course – 5 ways to strengthen the back if client is Chiropractor

Recommended Tools and Tips

  • Directory Maximiser to virally create backlinks eg SEO Method Directory Maximiser
  • Amazon’s books or keywords
  • Ezine articles.com for articles that can be used for blogs and build backlinks back to Home page
  • Dmoz directory (NB: Does not do SE submission)
  • Market Samurai
  • AMA-Article Marketing Automation or SEO Method AMA
  • Google Apps (incl.Google Docs) to control site work if outsourcing
  • Magento (Open source shopping cart)
  • Royalty Free Images or istock.com (paid images)
  • Use Release forms if interviewing

3 KEY takeaways

  • Approach SEO in a systematic manner and ensure that analytics are assessed prior to building deep for other pages
  • Relevancy of KW to page and only 1 KW to 1 page
  • Use Google Apps for controlling outsourcing assignments of site


2 Comments on David Jenyns Presents SEO Made Simple

  1. Alan Kirke on Wed, 14th Jul 2010 12:18 am
  2. Yes,
    It was a great evening and again at another interesting venue which made for a very different atmosphere 🙂

    David was very generous with his knowledge and that showed by hanging around afterwards to answer more questions.

    When other speakers are ready to leave quickly.

    It was also nice to see some other people that I haven\’t seen for a while, and speak with the usual regulars that turn up.

    Speaking, networking and sharing resources with others I found not only enjoyable but good to socialize before getting back at it.

    Because the internet marketing business can be very lonesome and well trying to have a conversation with someone who is not interested or just entertaining you is very different than a vibrant and passionate rant about a new way to write articles or a new site that has just popped up online.

    Thanks… Ian for another rich and enjoyable monday evening.

    Al Kirke

  3. Helen Disler on Wed, 14th Jul 2010 11:28 am
  4. I also enjoyed David\\\’s presentation and for the 1st time understood the importance of how a website should be structured to maximise SEO. I also got a few great ideas to action – such as being interviewed on video and then transcribing the 10 most commonly asked questions by our clients and then doing the same with the 10 questions that they should ask.
    And Ian, we are taking up and participating in Ed Dale\’s Challenge!
    Thank you for your inspiration and time spent organising the evening.

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